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Decks: Extension of Your Home

Every part of your home is important, including the area that surrounds it. Decks are capable of amazing things, such as creating a good first impression of your home! Since decks are exposed, they do require an extra level of protection and maintenance. When carefully taken care of, they can instantly uplift and change the look of your home!



Relaxation, everyone needs it. Your home is your sanctuary! Have you heard of poolside decks? You can make them using wood, bricks, aluminum, prefabricated resin etc. Your imagination is the limit. Combining more than one material with the surrounding area of the deck guarantees to add character and personality to your poolside decks. You may choose to add a string of lights with a soft glow to give you that chilled vibe in the evenings.


It can be fun spending time with your family, but sometimes you just itch for some ‘me’ time. If you are budget conscious and have little space to work with, just string up your excess curtain, pull out one of your sofa chairs and there you have it, a secret reading niche and sanctuary that is completely cut off from the world! For some added comfort, you could also use your old rags and don’t forget your pillows!


You can use your deck as an outside kitchen and dining area. By situating your deck in the corner, it can block that wind that would have otherwise ruined your lunch! Maybe it’s time to pull out your griller and invite your friends round for a good meal! But before that, grab your chairs, table and freshly-washed tablecloth out. Make it more private and homely by adding plants at either side. Now you can enjoy a good chat and tasty barbecue in a homely setting.

Decks can achieve amazing things. It’s time to upgrade your home and enjoy what outdoor decks can do for you. Should you need help in building one, restoration, repair or re-coating, contact us at (843) 263-2409 or info[at]hnmpainting.com. We are eager to bring your imagination to life right before your very eyes!


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