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HNM Painting Faux Painting Photo

Painting is fashion for walls.  The vibrancy of your room is dependent on the wall paintings you furnish it with. Combining faux painting with different finishes can make your room or space come to life. With this in mind, lets look at faux painting in more detail, to see just how it can make a major change in the style of your home!

Firstly, what is faux painting? it is a decorative paint finish technique that mimics the appearance of materials like stone, wood, marble or other, often natural materials. As a result, this technique can allow your room to have a trendy or dramatic feel. There are a vast range of options to choose from; the only limit is your imagination.

In fact, faux painting, like makeup contouring, hits two birds with one stone. If done correctly, it can mask imperfections whilst enhancing the end result. Playing with colors can create a picturesque view that hides discoloration. In addition to this, an unattractive crack can be transformed into a beautiful tree trunk or futuristic mural. You can work on blemishes by sponging paint over the area or by adding texture to the surface.

HNM Painting Faux Painting Photo

Furthermore, faux painting is truly an all-rounder. Get to know the nature of the canvas you want to work on, so that you can determine which of the many techniques of faux painting you could use to start your room’s makeover. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; decorate wood, metal, glass, drywall and even fabric using faux painting.

Another benefit of faux painting is that it is a better option than wallpaper, because unlike wallpaper, it won’t just peel off. Therefore, maintenance does not need to be stressful. A skilled painting contractor can correct damage to its original form or even into something new and improved by carrying out the necessary touch-ups or repairs.

Our well-equipped team is able to deal with any kind of painting technique that you require, including faux painting. We ensure that we deliver the best results for you. If you are located in the Bluffton South Carolina area, give us a call for a free estimate.

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