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Workers set the ceiling profile in the new flat

Workers installing a ceiling profile

Our homes are made up of more than just the four walls that surround it. Tilt your head back and look up, that’s your ceiling. It is the most exposed area of your room, yet, the least prioritized and more often than not forgotten when it comes to redesigning.

The look of your ceiling is just as important as your walls. Many people don’t realize how great a canvas it is to fill with intricate details. Just think of how many people go into old churches and are amazed by the interior design and the illustrations. Why is it that homeowners give such little importance to what is just over their heads. Your home could have the same effect on anyone who visits.

With the help of modern construction technology and the right painting contractor, re-doing your ceiling is no longer an impossible task. So why not take advantage of this and renovate the look of your home?!

And when it comes to textures, there are many options from which to choose.

Popcorn Ceiling

Red Popcorn Ceiling

Red Popcorn Ceiling

One of the most widely used finishes was the Popcorn Ceiling. Its popularity was at its peak between 1950 and 1978. It came to prominence due in part to its ability to hide imperfections and reduce noise.  It fell out of widespread use in the 1980’s partly because of Clean Air Act of 1978 and many formulations at the time containing asbestos.


Nothing dates a house quite like a popcorn ceiling. The good news is it’s very easy to remove. All you need to do is; spray the area with water and scrape it off with a knife or any scraping tool. However, if you suspect your popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos, then call an expert. They know how to remove asbestos-containing textures without spreading it through the home.

The Slap Brush Texture

Slap-brush texture


Another commonly used finish is the Slap Brush. Its name is derived by the way it is applied. The contractor slaps the mud onto the area, with brushes specially made for this finish.

As a result, each ceiling will be unique. This technique can take quite some time, so many professionals use a hopper gun. Slap Brush texture can be directly applied to painted surfaces and can be an addition to any drywall surface.


The Mud Swirl Texture

Mud Swirl Ceiling Texture

Mud Swirl Ceiling Texture

The Mud Swirl is the most time-consuming and requires more workforce than any of the other techniques. The proper approach for mud swirling is to ensure that the ingredients do not dry too quickly.


Two people must work together to execute this technique. As the name implies, you and your partner should apply the mud one after the other in swirling motions to create the pattern. If correctly done, will leave half circles in the ceiling. We recommend you apply a very light sanding afterward to remove any imperfections.


The Skim Coating Technique

Skim coating on ceiling

Skim coating on ceiling

You could also use a skim coating to help improve the look of your room. Homeowners who use this technique will probably apply wallpaper afterward.


A skim coating is useful in areas with high humidity like kitchens and bathrooms. It can smoothen faulty taping or cover up prior painting mistakes. The skim coat process is useful mostly for drywalls.



Thinking of giving your ceiling a new look? The professionals at HNM Painting will be ecstatic to help you with any texture applications or removals. Contact us now for free estimate.

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